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Making your garden Rabbit Friendly

Rabbit-Friendly Garden blog

As we approach spring and summer you may be thinking about giving your garden that annual makeover. Well, this year why not try and make it bunny friendly so you can both enjoy some time outside in the sun!

  • Fencing

Firstly, we need to make sure those escape artists can’t get too far so fencing is essential! If you are not as keen on the standard wooden fence, you could spruce it up with a hedge fence – of course with a wire mesh inside so they can’t run through it! Alternatively, you could section of part of your garden if that’s easier for you to manage.

  • Graze-safe garden

We know our rabbits love to nibble on grass, so we want to make sure it’s safe for them. We don’t want any pesticides or fertilisers on it as this could be toxic for them! For the nibblers out there – artificial grass may not be the option however some bunnies do just fine on it.

  • Beautification

Now that we have our area secured and fenced off – it’s time to add something to spruce it up! Flowers and plants are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to your new bunny friendly garden. Most importantly we need to make sure everything we are putting in it is rabbit friendly – nothing toxic! Here are just a few examples of toxic plants that you would not want to find in the garden of a  free ranging bunny.


Plants which are toxic to bunnies: Avoid these plants.

  • Azalea
  • Bluebell, 
  • Cherry Laurel, 
  • Daffodil, 
  • Foxglove, 
  • Honeysuckle, 
  • Hydrangea,  
  • Peony, 
  • Sweet Pea 
  • Tulip. 


If you want to read more why not visit , www.pdsa.org.uk websites  here you can find more information on toxic plants to avoid. 


You may be thinking, what can I plant ? Here are a couple of options for your rabbit- friendly spring and summer garden.


Rabbit-friendly plants: 

  • Brunnera
  • Forget Me Not 
  • Ox Eye Daisy 
  • Wallflowers
  • Pinks 
  • Mint
  • Nepata  
  • Roses 

Hanging baskets and sectioned off flower beds are the perfect idea to allow you to have lovely plants that are safe from your bunny eating them. You can make other edible plants more accessible to your rabbit to have a nibble on.

  • Enjoy

Finally, there is nothing better than watching your happy bunnies binky and run around. Why not add some of your bunny’s favourite hideouts, tunnels, and toys? I am sure they will thank you for it!


Happy Gardening!


Ref: Gardening with Rabbits by Twigs Way 2022 Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund