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Fun and boredom breakers for rabbits


(Guinea Pig Information and Advice in a following post later in April)

Perhaps you have had your pet a little while ago and now the novelty is meeting to an end. When you leave your home you find your bunny comfortable and relaxed, and when you return home you still find him in the same situation. You may think your bunny is boring and is not like other pets that keep playing and look enchanting.

You are wrong! Your bunny needs you to provide something joyful and playful that can keep him busy and active all the way when you are away.

Rabbits are energetic and also want to have fun like dogs and cats and even us humans. Sometimes a roll of toilet paper is enough to do this job.

All rabbits have a great sense of curiosity and if they are not allowed to be active boredom and depression can quickly develop in them. This can lead to behavioural problems.

Bored rabbits are very likely to be mischievous. They love to explore. So there might be things like the underside of the couch and hanging electrical cords for them to explore and inspect which you should tuck out of the way to be safe.

Your bunny will not fall into boredom if you keep offering him stimulating activities which can take him a long way toward enjoyment. Any kind of excitement will drive the rabbit away from places to avoid.

Haylofts, boxes and tunnels of cardboard, hidden areas, string balls, wheels of hay, willow baskets, seagrass mats, paper towel tubes stuffed with hay, are all most favourite items for a bunny to remain busy.

Most of the items listed here are consumables. Don’t forget your bunny is most likely to eat, chop, and gradually destroy carpets, cardboard, and balls. However, you need to stop him to consume things made of plastic.

These things are called boredom breakers. Let’s explore some of them.

Bunny Boarding:

Bunny boarding is an excellent way as boredom breaker if you cannot take care of your bunny for a specific period of time. Rabbit hotels have been saving rabbits and improving their lives for many years. These hotels are making the world a better place for rabbits.

Whenever you plan to go on vacations or have formal or informal events where you are unable to stay with your bunnies and take care of them, experts make sure to handle them professionally in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment in these hotels.

They provide loving care with all the essential things to make them healthy, happy, and joyful. Your bunny can have an ideal environment by having their favourite

k foods and fun activities. Just make sure to inform and provide all the things and medications to the staff which are necessary for your bunny’s health and well-being.

Give them a place to play and have fun.

Like cats and dogs, rabbits love to play and have fun with their toys. For the most part, their favourite game is the toy box. To keep them away from getting bored with the same toys, you should replace them from time to time and put them in different places such as the garden, in their run, and in the living space.

Many people who own rabbits are surprised to know about their pets which are just so interesting and playful. Most rabbits like to choose simple and interesting toys, such as paper boxes or empty rolls of tissue paper.

Toys keep your rabbit healthy and keep it from getting bored. Bored rabbits are more prone to be depressed, destructive, obesity, and can be victims of many diseases. Without toys and playful equipment, rabbits will turn their attention to your furniture, belongings, and even dangerous things like electric cords as chew toys.

Try different types of toys to find the right one for your rabbit and give him new ones on a regular basis. Try finding out what they like the most to play and what things make them more active and smart.

The benefits of rabbit toys:

Enrichment refers to the activities of the animals that make them think. Rabbits that received mentally stimulating activities are happier and healthiest than the bored and less active rabbits. That’s why it’s so important to enrich your rabbit with fun-producing things and toys. Picking things up, crawling over items, or using the mind to hide in hidden places, are the various and simplest ways to provide them with fun opportunities. Just be creative and watch your bunny play and twist your choice of toys and your bunny will jump every day.

Final Words:

There could be an endless list of bunny boredom breakers, one needs to spend a reasonable time to identify which things or items really turned on their creative nature. Try different things with them and they will let you know their favourite ones. Bunny boarding is also one of the best ways that is proven as a boredom breaker for your loving pet bunny