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Rabbit & Guinea Pig “SPA” Pampering and Grooming


February 2021    Issue 1

Rabbit & Guinea Pig  “SPA” Pampering and Grooming
Your special small companions need to feel looked after too! Here at Furry Friends, we have the experience to provide grooming with a wide variety of breeds of guinea pig and rabbit companions – smooth, long, backwards, rough, wiry, frizzy, all hair types catered for. We look after every guest furry as if they were part of the family.


“Mike was amazing to our wee Bluebell, she was a little furball but after a few chilled hours at Furry Friends she looked like a rabbit again”

G & J Blair


Your small furry friend needs to be groomed regularly. Regular brushing keeps their coat in great condition, preventing the formation of matts which can irritate the skin and lead to infections or the deadly disease flystrike. Particularly in hot weather conditions.

Although your pet normally grooms themselves, a regular coat treatment removes excess fur that might be ingested otherwise, and cause problems with hairballs. Lastly, a good brush helps your pet get used to being handled and allows you to check for lumps or bumps that should not be there.

In addition to looking after your pet’s coat, on request you can book for their nails to be trimmed and filed

During their spa treatments at Furry Friends, we use aromatherapy calming remedies to ensure your pets stay is as stress-free as possible

On Day of Treatment

 We normally arrange for your pet to dropped off by 11am During their stay they have access to indoor accommodation with fresh hay water and light handling as appropriate.

Your pet will not be rushed, we give them plenty of time and go at their pace. At the end of their treatment, you will be contacted to arrange pick up, usually by 4pm.


Grooming Service

–              Aromatherapy treatment

–              Hair conditioning and cut

–              £ 16.00

An additional dry Shampoo which can improve overall well being of your pet and remove unwanted odour and soiling. Recommended if your furry friend is urine staining or bottom soiling – this can make a difference 

  •  £6.00


Nail Grooming/trimming

Most rabbits & guinea pigs in the wild, maintain their nails short with foraging and digging in the undergrowth. Your pets however may need a little extra help to support their nails to be at a healthy length. Nails can be trimmed and filed, particularly needed if the nails are curling. Every effort will be made for safe nail care, however, if there is any history your pet’s nails are sensitive bleeders please inform us prior to treatment. Your pet’s comfort comes first and if they are unduly stressed, treatment will not be progressed. A partial refund will be given if this occurs

Nails  £10.00 (including aromatherapy calmer)

Should a pet arrive with a coat badly matted or very overgrown nails which incur significan t treatment time an additional charge will be made. To avoid this we recommend 6 – 8 weekly grooming sessions.

1.       Spa Grooming session

2.       Coat conditioning

3.       Healthcare Check

4.       Nails trimmed & conditioned







5 Signs that a rabbit is happy and content


1. They take a lot of naps during the day.

Rabbits just like us sleep up to 8 hours a day, they do this differently from us however by taking naps during the day and night, they don’t sleep for 8 hours in one go! So if your rabbit has a nice quiet cosy place where they like to take a nap then you know that they are happy,

If you never see them taking a nap then ask yourself why. Is there too much noise? Do they feel safe? Also, rabbits sometimes nap with their eyes open so they can be taking a nap without you noticing.


2. They establish a routine

Rabbits love routine and if you watch them closely and spend time with them, then you’ll likely learn what their daily routine is, by letting them follow their routine each day you’ll see just how happy your bunny is. Should you ever need to interrupt their routine with visits to the vet or if there is a lot of noise going on in the house or garden, then you’ll notice how this affects your rabbit’s mood. A way they can show their disapproval is by ignoring you.


3. They tell you they love you

Rabbits show affection by grooming, so if your rabbit is licking your hand and or face that is their way of saying that they love you


4. They love their food

Rabbits that are happy look forward to their food. There is nothing quite like watching them munch through their favourite vegetables. If you look closely it’s like they’re smiling when they eat. Another way to tell is if they run off with a treat or vegetable it’s as if they can’t contain their excitement and want to find just the right place to sit and enjoy it. If your rabbit isn’t interested in eating then something may be wrong with them and You should get them seen to by a vet especially if they’ve stopped eating altogether.


5. Their body language is relaxed

Sometimes rabbits will flop if they do this it means that they are really happy and relaxed. A rabbit that is happy and relaxed may also perform what looks like yoga stretches accompanied by a big yawn.

Ciaran’s Blog 1st October 2018

Roger the continental giant loves nose rubs and spending time out in the run.

Oscar the friendly gerbil is such a lovely wee guy so friendly and cute! Loves spending time out of his cage and enjoys cuddles.

Great news we have some new arrivals one of our guinea pigs recently gave birth to three small, furry and cute pups 😍 they’re lively wee things and we look forward to posting regular updates.


Here we have Oscar the gerbil enjoying some time out of his cage and getting some tlc.



And here we have Roger enjoying some time out in the sun.


Cute Bunnies

This morning we welcome two new guests: Peanut and Moomin. They are lovely young bunnies, full of life and mischief!!

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